The Bible(66 accepted as canonical books) is our rule of belief. Period.  Before we Christians casually cast off certain parts, books or concepts as untenable for our “modern” life,society, “progressive” and “civilized” world. ( if one be so obtuse as to say such things having even the slightest awareness of our present age or recent history. Just a cursory look reveals abortion, racism, communism, fascism, and rampant immorality… but that is a different subject) think about it.
We ought to be careful unless without thinking clearly we do damage to our own souls and others. If we cast off the holy scriptures we go against the founder and God of our faith, Jesus. In his stead we place ourselves.

The Bible despite it’s detractors has yet to be shown to have any error, and to the contrary is a wealth of historical fact proven time and again by the shovel of the archaeologist!

To those that would accuse it of moral evil (as the late Mr. Hitchens) particularly in areas of judgement, homosexuality, fornication and so on we must ask a question. Who or what is our measure for right and wrong? The typical answer is your culture or society, or the evolution of such. In other words we are progressing or evolving to a greater state of morality. This is however just not true. History nor current affairs bear this out! In the roman empire rampant pedophilia was practiced as was infanticide, in our society the “free love” movement which cast off the archaic morality I am here supporting lead to many things but none of them was love nor free. From it we still feel the cultural effects of fatherless children, damaged psych, disease, divorce, adultery, and a tremendous breakdown of the family in only one generation, 50 years!

In every case which we seek as psalm 2 says to cast off Gods restraints we see a deterioration in societal good, and moral strength. Not the opposite which one would think if the accusations be true. Remember God’s laws were given not as arbitrary things but are in themselves good. Even the strict ones. Consider if you will our current prison population and the number of those that were fatherless, or how useless and ineffective it has been in curbing evil and promoting good.
Those who would object by citing examples to the contrary have either chosen to be blind to the facts or make up perceived offenses such as “the bible supports slavery”! Untrue.

Beyond this and at a much more philosophical yet equally important level we have to ask what is “good” where does such a concept come from. Or is it even real? In which case should we really deem serial killers evil or merely different? Can society even exist in such a world? No. he answer to these questions can only be answered with God. Unless you are willing to agree that at certain times pedophilia was right and good

Christian if you give up the blessed infinite, all knowing Savior for the praise of sinful finite erring man, what have you gained? The title PC? Fair and open minded, yes according to the erring man or woman of this age and this western social construct.

And who is the Savior? is he not Jesus Christ? How do you know this except by the inspired words which God has communicated to us by the means He deemed, his prophets and apostles.
This then is the crux of the issue, the bible is the record of our King which he promised would come through his apostles, that being the new testament. The old testament was approved by Jesus as the scripture, the word of God, and so forth.

So was he in error or was he correct? If in error where?
Jesus said not one jot or title would pass away before all that was contained in scripture was fulfilled.