After watching his dysfunctional team implode after a long and tumultuous season, Rex Ryan told the media the other day that “I don’t think I had the pulse of the team.” As a godly leader we cannot allow out finger off the pulse.

A lesson that should be taken seriously by all leaders no matter what your field.  Losing or not being in touch with your Christian Leadershippeople can cause an organization to sink fast.  When you as a leader lose touch with your people you effectively lose the ability to lead them.  It has been said that “if you don’t know where you are at, how can you know where you are going?”  If you don’t know what your people are going through and what their dreams, desire and daily problems they are facing you cannot properly motivate them to be better!

As we look at Jesus, he knew his disciples intimately, their problems, worries and dreams.  John 6:64 “Yet there are some of you who do not believe.” For Jesus had known from the beginning which of them did not believe and who would betray him.  We see that Jesus knew Judas would betray him yet he ate with him, which in Jewish society meant that you became one with another individual.  Jesus had the pulse of his disciples and the crowds that followed him, he could sense his disciples fear and anxieties.  This allowed him to encourage them when they were fearful and hold them accountable when they got over zealous.

Another thing that lead the the Jets demise was Rex Ryan implementing something he didn’t believe in.  The coach had decided at the beginning of the year to anoint captains to be team leaders.  Which in most scenarios can be an effective way to delegate responsibility, but not when you implement it halfheartedly.  Doing something just to do it is never the right policy. Programs must have a purpose.  As a godly leader we must do things that are going to be effective, not only for today but that will have a eternal effect of the people we lead.  Having effective plans behooves a leader to follow up with his people and shows his belief in the program set forth.