An article today from Government Executive talks about 3 lessons in leadership regarding David Kappos and his experience as director as the US Patent Office.  below are the 3 leadership lessons he puts forth:

Lesson One: Preparation Matters

Lesson Two: Master the Metrics

Lesson Three: Change Is Continuous

How do we apply these as Christian leaders in our world? Well lets break each one down, shall we….

Preparation Matters – In a society filled with procrastinators and last second mindsets we as Christian should plan out what we want to accomplish.  As a christian for years I have seen many of my brothers and sisters unprepared for the future.  When I asked them what their plans were i got several different responses, but one of the more prominent ones was ” I am just waiting on the Lord”.  Don’t get me wrong we should always bring all our decisions and goals before the Lord and seek him in prayer.  But god has called us to move, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” – Matthew 28:19.  If we are stuck in park how can God direct our travels?

Planning also helps us evaluate the situation and determine what it is God has given us a passion to do!  My pastor once told me that you should seek Jesus in all desicions, list out your pro’s and con’s, make a desicion and then lay it before god’s throne and ask him to open the door or close it.  i found that at times God brought me a peace but other times he brought  turmoil!  We have to have a vision in order to reach our goals!

Master the Metrics – Learn how to measure successes and failures.  As Christians we already have the ultimate success by accepting Christ, but their is still work to do.  We need to understand as a child of Christ satan will try to discourage us in any way possible, one of his best of doing this is to make us think we are failing.  We must make our goals measureable and attainable.  I would love to go into my local starbucks and share Jesus with everyone, but more than likely that will not happen.  Some peoples hearts are not ready to hear the gospel, have I failed? No, I realize that God did not bring those opportunities into my path.  Set your goals high but make them measurable and tangible!

Change is Continuous – Change is inevtible, things will always transition and be different.  We as Christians need to realize time brings change, but doesn’t always bring growth.  We need to work each day to be better as a leader.  Getting older will not make you wiser, studying God’s word and meditating on it will give you wisdom! God’s word promises it.  We as Christians must strive to be lifelong learners and as leaders continue to improve those skills in which we are lacking and bolster that strengths we already possess.  How do we do this? By allowing God to show you your weakness and allowing him to be your strength in that weakness.  

Don’t be afraid of change, think of it as a new opportunity to get better!  In 1990 when the NY Giants lost QB Phil Simms to a broken foot, change was at hand.  The Giants could have packed it in and enjoyed the offseason, but instead Bill Parcells rallied the team around backup QB Jeff Hostetler.  The Giants went on the beat the Bills in the closest Superbowl ever played.   In today’s day and age many people are getting layed off and jobs are scarce,  remember that God has allowed this to happen because their are other oppurtunites he wants for you!

God Bless!